Island Contracting & Remodeling, Inc. is owned and operated by the father-son team of David and Michael Bills. The family business was started 60 years ago by Davids father, Marvin Bills as a cleaning/maintenance business. In the 1980s with the influence and knowledge of David the company grew into the remodeling and custom home building sectors.

At this point the business never looked back and David has been serving his clients along with his passion for the past 35 years. After graduating with a bachelors of science in business management/economics from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York, Michael moved to the Jupiter area to join the family business.

When a customer hires Island Contracting & Remodeling, Inc. for a job they get the owners and their extensive knowledge on their job site every single day until completion.

This is what separates our company from the rest which results in a completely different experience than what one is used to when it comes to contractors. Marvin taught us as a family owned company for 50+ years to always strive to treat our customers as family and that is the way we continue to operate our business.